Infants / Pre-Toddlers

 Infants need to know they are loved and cared for. Our staff generously meets these needs through nurturing each child.  Given stimulation, infants tend to respond to affection, interaction, and stable relationships. Infants need to be able to explore what is around them to learn about the world in ways best suited to their own unique personalities. We are committed to make your infant feel safe and secure through a stimulating and nurturing environment. 

Pre-Toddlers are active and curious explorers.  Our pre-toddler teachers support the children's unique personalities, efforts, and interests by creating a flexible and stimulating environment that encourages learning, play, and socialization.  The pre-toddlers are given opportunities to make choices, exert their independence, and learn self-help skills.  

The teachers set age-appropriate limits and guide the children in behavior that is safe and respectful of others.  Loving, nurturing relationships between the staff and children and amongst peers are the foundation of the program.