infant - toddler frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring with my child?

Crib sheet and crib sized blanket

Change of clothes

Diapers and wipes

Pacifier if needed

Feeding Schedule

Bottles and food

Sunscreen (seasonal)

Can I come in and nurse my child?

Yes!  Crafton Children's Corner welcomes parents/guardians to nurse or feed their infant.

Will I receive any communication about my child's day?

Yes!  All infant and pre-toddler children receive a daily tracking sheet that provides information about the child's day.

Will my infant share a crib?

No.  Our infant room is set up so that each infant has his/her own crib.

Why do I need to label everything?

Labeling your child's belongings helps prevent items from getting lost or mistakenly taken.  

Due to allergies and children with special diets we ask that all food and bottles be labeled with your child's name.