Thank you for 13 years of exceptional educational support for 6 of my 7 children
-Cheryl B.

My daughter is well prepared for Kindergarten. Some new skills took me by surprise. It has been a great experience.
-Sandy B.

I feel comfortable leaving my daughter in your care

I have no question when I drop off my son that he will be o.k. and well taken care of in my absence.

I really appreciate CCC, particularly the flexibility needed to keep pace with families ever-changing schedules.





Our age appropriate curriculum is a 30 year collection of learning activities that have been developed and refined by our Curriculum Coordinator with input from our certified teachers. The curriculum activities are cross walked with the PA Early Learning Standards which include the subject areas of Language and Literacy, Logical-Mathematics, Social and Emotional, Science, Social Studies, Fine and Gross motor and Creative Arts.

The following skills are presented on a daily basis and aid the child in developing intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Our program is a real learning experience for all children and is flexible enough to allow individual children to pursue individual interests.

ART: To develop creativity in the child through various methods, media and materials allowing individual expression of positive and negative feelings and to instill an appreciation of their own and the other children's art work.

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: To provide opportunities for the child to increase his receptive and expressive vocabulary through dramatic play, puppetry, social interaction and to develop keen listening skills through auditory and visual media.

READING: To introduce the child to various pre-reading and writing skills, such as left to right progression, letter recognition and formation and beginning sounds.

SCIENCE: To enhance the child's awareness of his surroundings and physical relationships to other objects through simple experiments and observations.

MATH: To help the child understand and organize different mathematical concepts in preparation for simple abstractions.

GROSS MOTOR: To assist each child in developing large muscles to produce efficient total body movement and coordination.

MUSIC: To generate enthusiasm through songs, movement, dramatic play and to develop an understanding of rhythms of speech through various finger plays.

PERCEPTUAL ACTIVITIES: To increase the young child's skills in perceiving self, color, size, shape, direction and differences in his everyday living.

In addition to the above skills we also encourage good personal hygiene, healthy nutrition and acceptable manners.